Who knows what and who does what in your company

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Agile project management in an collaborative and simple way.

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GTD as easy as a pie and as simple as a cake.

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Simple management for a complex business.

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We love building simple, functional & collaborative applications

Welcome to TonkaLabs!

We are a small and compact team of people who love developing tools to help other great people on their daily work. If you need a custom application or tool, contact us, we're the team you've been looking for.

How we work The magic four steps

Our philosophy is simple, we do what we do with passion and knowledge. Passion is the best inspiration for creating high quality products backed up by experience in developing practical solutions. We do not develop just to develop, we believe in what we do and what we do is based on our philosophy of making things simple, functional and real.

1. Listen

Being attentive to what users tell us is essential to ensure that we develop products that will be as customers expect. Our mission is to establish appropriate channels to facilitate continuous and sincere dialogue between users and TonkaLabs in order to be able to meet their needs at all times.

2. Develop

The talent, adequate methodologies and best working tools are essential when developing products that meet customer expectations in time they expect. Our mission is to offer products that solve specific problems, without complexities or artifice, and constantly adapted to the evolution of markets.

4. Implant and...

... back to listen again. We never end a product. The release of a new version does not indicate anything other than the beginning of a new cycle in the evolution of it.

3. Test

Before releasing a new version of a product we make sure it meets a minimum quality criteria, applying the suitable working methods and the use of alpha and beta versions of the same. Our mission is to provide high quality products at low cost, adjusting the distribution and billing formulas to the characteristics of each customer.

What our users say And what makes us proud :)

Scrumrf es una herramienta de gestión ágil muy completa y simple a la vez, con un "look and feel" agradable y muy usable.

Juan Palacio, navegapolis.net

Scrumrf: Claro y sencillo. Reduce tu estrés diario.

Juan José González, @huanhu

Scrumrf es la mejor herramienta en línea que he encontrado para demostrar la operativa de Scrum en la práctica, a los equipos que entreno. Su sencillez y su baja curva de aprendizaje, hacen que implementar Scrum en equipos que recién se inician en el agilismo, sea sumamente simple, práctico y entretenido..

Eugenia Bahit - Scrum Coach - www.eugeniabahit.com